Fuck my beatz

Germany | 2012
directed by: Dino Argentiero
produced by: Till Schmerbeck Filmproduktion
music: Hannah von Hübbenet & We play louder!

For years, the "fuckmybeatz" event series was the talk of the town in Frankfurt am Main. Only a select circle is allowed to attend these events, which are known for their excessive and boisterous parties. The partying welds these people together into a family-like community. Being seen is everything! In search of happiness and passion, the so-called "members" enter a parallel world where music, sex and drugs override all social norms. They celebrate the party of their lives. But what happens when the partying comes to an end? The film "fuckmybeatz" accompanies the organiser Leonardo Aquino on his journey through his party series and tells of the hedonism of the people, their passion to party and their escape from reality.