Der Ausbruch

Germany | 2022
directed by: Michael Wech
produced by: Broadview TV GmbH
music: Hannah von Hübbenet & Ed Davenport

The coronavirus disease claimed millions of lives and temporarily brought the world to a standstill. Was the pandemic preventable?

The film "The Outbreak" goes in search of clues. Where did the virus come from?

Who discovered it first?

Who first shared the information with scientists outside China?

Who were the scientists who tried mightily to make up for lost time after the virus was discovered?

The film vividly explains the consequences of exponential spread of a disease when time is lost at the beginning. It explores the question of what role the WHO played.

At the end, the question is: Was COVID-19 only the beginning of a chain of pandemics coming from the animal kingdom? And can the vacuum between scientific "preparedness" and governmental "leadership" be addressed quickly enough to find a better response to next global health crises? (text: Broadview TV GmbH)

The music for the film is released by arch.berlin and can be found HERE