New music collective FIELD KIT comes out with first single "Counterfeit"

A new project of my own has formed:
the music collective "FIELD KIT", which I founded together with my film music colleague and studio partner John Gürtler.
On Friday, 31.7.2020, our first single "Counterfeit" will be released on the label Nonostar Records - audible on all the usual streaming portals like Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal and Co! More singles and the album next summer will follow.
Further information can be found here and at Facebook and on Instagram.

Official press text for Field Kit:

Anyone who knows a bit about electroacoustic sounds and experiments has heard the name Field Kit before. However, only as a name for a workstation, a technical multi-instrument with which you can receive radio signals and alternating voltages and thus produce, output and control all kinds of sounds and signals. Now the beautiful name for the abstract and at the same time very pragmatic instrument has taken further shape.

Hannah von Hübbenet and John Gürtler have not only chosen this name for their duo because they work with this tool from time to time. Their approach is just as fluid, playful, experimental and yet unpretentious. Classically trained - Hannah von Hübbenet studied violin at the Berlin University of the Arts, John Gürtler saxophone there - both were far from having reached the end of their curiosities after training on their instruments. Bored by the narrow structures of classical music, they both expanded their skills: they studied film composition at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy at the same time. There they became friends and discovered during their first collaborations that they are both more interested in manipulating, disturbing, confusing and alienating sounds and emotions than in serving entrenched listening habits.

Both are now successful film composers. In Field Kit they experiment with guidelines and restrictions that give them a framework in which anything can happen.
Creating vibrations in the piano, using the tuba the other way round, building drum robots. They improvise on certain themes, sounds, references or restrictions, mixing things and ideas that don't have to go together.

Emotions interest both of them more than virtuosities. Fortunately for all of us, they haven't lost sight of each other all these years and now share a studio that is one of the most beautiful in all of Berlin and full of interesting instruments. Time and formal constraints helped in the birth of their debut, which will now be heard piece by piece from 31.07.2020.

(Mascha Jakobs, Zeit Online)